Jeff Denson - bass
Ziv Ravitz - drums
Florian Weber - piano

The members of multi-national Trio Minsarah met in September 2000 while all three of them attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. The three youngsters developed an intense musical connection which produced an exceptionally unique and personal trio sound. Concerts in Germany followed, e.g. a performance at Detmold Concert Hall in 2002, a club tour in 2003, a concert at Cologne Jazz Night the same year and a performance at International Jazz Festival Viersen in 2004. The following year saw a trio tour in Florida, another three-week tour throughout Germany (among the highlights were Berlin, Hamburg, and Cologne) and a U.S. east coast tour including Washington D.C. and Boston. For summer 2006, another US tour and a tour in Japan are scheduled.

The word Minsarah is Hebrew and means "prism". Like a prism showing the colors in light, the trio goes for new sound colors and new ideas in band playing. A team of densely interacting improvisers, the three of them play with powerful and dramatic intensity, fresh lyricism, a sense of melody that is all their own and a great openness for improvisation and innovation. Their music transports ballad moods never heard before while at other times it provides structural experiments of high complexity. This is what the press wrote on first listening to Trio Minsarah: "A new discovery", "world-class", "the miracle of Cologne", "a first class trio", "vivid expression and strength".



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